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Romantic Times Convention, Here I Come!

April 30, 2013

Tags: romantic times convention

I'm headed out for the Romantic Times Book Convention in Kansas City tomorrow morning at No-One-Should-Be-Awake-This-Early-O'Clock. This is my first time at RT, and I'm already round-eyed at some of the shenanigans I've heard rumored. (Faery masks? Bare-chested cover models? Sign me up!)

It's a big convention, but if you're in Kansas City this week, you'll be able to find me. On Friday May 3 at 3:45 I'm speaking with C.W. Gortner, Christy English, Donna Russo Morin, and Jennifer Weltz on "The Hottest Sex In History." I'll also be signing books, first at the Expo for e-releases on Thursday May 2 from 4-6pm, and the regular paper books at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday May 4 from 11-2pm (and you're free to bring your own books from home). Even if you're not coming to the conference, the Expo and the Book Fair are open to the public - so if you're in the area, get your ticket at the door and drop by to say hello.

Hello, Kansas City - here I come!

The Serpent and the Pearl: The Audio-Book! Starring . . .

April 16, 2013

Tags: the serpent and the pearl, ronan vibert

Some news I've been bursting to spill: my forthcoming Borgia novel "The Serpent and the Pearl" will also be released in digital audio-book form!

This is my first audio book, and even more exciting, "The Serpent and the Pearl" is getting the deluxe treatment: not just one reader but three. Two female readers who will provide the voices for my two heroines, and a male reader who will voice my hero.

Not just any male reader, either: my hero in "The Serpent and the Pearl" will be read by none other than Ronan Vibert, who is currently co-starring on Showtime's series "The Borgias." (He looks considerably more unshaven and villainous there, as Lucrezia Borgia's brutal first husband, than he does in the picture here!) You may also remember Ronan as Lepidus in HBO's "Rome," as Robespierre in "The Scarlet Pimpernel," as Mira Sorvino's dissipated English lord in "The Buccaneers," and from a thousand other BBC productions. I've already heard clips of his reading, and he's going to be marvelous as my cynical hero Leonello. (Looks not unlike him too, except for a leetle height difference.)

The ladies sound wonderful too, both of them young stage-trained British actresses with lots of Shakespeare in their background. The reader for Giulia Farnese has a husky alto drawl that would charm any Pope to his knees.

So come August 6, download the audio edition of "The Serpent and the Pearl" and listen to the fun!