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Two Blurbs For Empress of the Seven Hills!

December 14, 2011

Tags: blurbs, empress of the seven hills, michelle moran, christopher gortner

I feel like Christmas came early: not one but two wonderful blurbs for “Empress of the Seven Hills,” and from authors I adore: Michelle Moran and C.W. Gortner.

Michelle moves on from pharoahs to emperors: her upcoming book about Napoleon's various women

Disclaimer: yes, I am friends with both Michelle and Christopher. But this wasn't a backscratching arrangement among buddies. My copy of “Cleopatra's Daughter” was already well-thumbed and highly appreciated long before I met its author and discovered she was a smart and funny lady with a raucous laugh and an infinite supply of both good jokes and stunning print shifts. “Confessions of Catherine de' Medici” had already kept me up past my bedtime long before I discovered that Christopher was a first-rate dinner companion with a stream of sotto voce one-liners that would keep Oscar Wilde in stitches. It's such a relief when you meet the authors of books you love, and like the authors as much as you do their work.

I was astounded to find that both Michelle and Christopher liked my work as well – and were kind enough to read an advance copy of my next book, “Empress of the Seven Hills.” Michelle is tearing through a first draft of her new book about Napoleon's second wife, and Christopher is head down in research on the Borgias, but they both took time out of their busy schedules to write me cover blurbs. And what blurbs!

"Power and betrayal were never so addictive than in this gorgeously wrought tale of star-crossed lovers caught in the turbulent currents of Imperial Rome. Kate Quinn deftly contrasts the awesome splendor of torch-lit banquets with the thunder of the battlefield. EMPRESS OF THE SEVEN HILLS is a riveting plunge into an ancient world that is both utterly foreign and strikingly familiar - where you can feel the silken caress of an empress and the cold steel of a blade at your back."



"In her latest book, EMPRESS OF THE SEVEN HILLS, Kate Quinn outdoes herself with a story so compelling that the only complaint readers will have is that it ends. From the moment Vix and Sabina appear on the page, readers are taken on an epic adventure through Emperor Trajan's Rome. No other author brings the ancient world alive like Quinn - if there's one book you read this year, let it be this one!"

- Michelle Moran, bestselling author of CLEOPATRA'S DAUGHTER and MADAME TUSSAUD

Wow – that's all I've got to say. They make me want to run out and buy a copy of the book, and I already know how it ends. Michelle, Christopher – thank you both! Drinks on me the next time I see you.