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The Borgia family begins its legendary rise, chronicled by an innocent girl who finds herself drawn into their dangerous web.
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The Year of Four Emperors - and four very different women struggling to survive
A brilliant and paranoid Emperor, a wary and passionate slave girl who will survive?

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Sex With Kings

June 12, 2010

Tags: royal mistresses, henri ii, diane de poitiers, louis xiv, princess de soubise, louise de la valliere, madame de montespan, charles ii, louise de kerouaille, henri iv, gabrielle d'estrees, admiral nelson, lady hamilton, henry ii, alais capet, rosamund clifford, edward iii, alice perrers, edward iv, jane shore, anya seton, katherine swynford

So I have to wonder: why all the fascination lately with royal mistresses?

Well, maybe I don't wonder that much. From a historical fiction novelist's standpoint, I can see why fellow HF writers like royal mistresses as characters for novels: they're probably better-looking than a queen or princess who is the process of twenty-five generations of royal inbreeding, and they get better sex than queens or princesses. Also, they get great jewelry. (more…)