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7 Things I've Learned So Far

May 11, 2012

Tags: guest blog, the writer's digest

I'm guest blogging over at The Writer's Digest today, adding my two (or seven) cents to the running feature "7 Things I've Learned So Far." Here's number 6:

"6. Grow a thick skin. Those negative reviews will come, and they will hurt. And thanks to the internet and that online presence youíve worked so hard to create for yourself, itís tempting to put a snarky comment up on that blogger review, pointing out the bloggerís complete lack of literary discernment and utter misuse of the subjunctive. Resist the impulse, because nothing will trash your reputation faster than public whining about your bad reviews. Itís always better to take the high road and let the bad reviews sink unnoticed, rather than get into an online spat that goes viral. For an example of what NOT to do, just google `Jacqueline Howett The Greek Seaman.'"

Head over to The Writer's Digest to read the rest, and sign up for a free giveaway copy of Empress of the Seven Hills! And a big thank-you to Chuck for having me on The Writer's Digest.