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Do We All Have the Time Machine Fantasy?

Tomorrow I’m off for a weekend at the Historical Novel Society Conference in San Diego, where I’m looking forward to discussions on topics like “Keeping A Series Fresh” and “Historical Fiction and the Fantastic.” Great fun; the the hard part is going to be keeping my jaw off the floor when I walk past big names like Diana Gabaldon and Margaret George. Please, please, don’t let me drool too much. 😀 I’m attending the HNS conference strictly as a starstruck guest, but I did get pulled into the big book signing, so if you happen to be attending the conference, look for me between 5-6pm on Saturday June 18th.

First, however, I am guest blogging over at Taylor’s blog “All Things Historical Fiction.” Today’s topic is – if you had a time machine, what would be your top five historical eras to visit? Number Four on my list:

“Gilded Age New York. I’d like to be one of those American heiresses I was always sighing over in Edith Wharton novels, heading off to Europe in an ocean liner with ninety new dresses by Worth, intent on bagging myself an English lord. If I can marry a duke like Nan St. George did in The Buccaneers, I may just take a look around my Cornish castle and my coronetted stationery marked “Katharine, Duchess of Tintagel,” and decide not to come home.”

For the rest, read here!