luxury reading

Publication Day!

My third book Empress of the Seven Hills is finally out! You’d think this whole process would get easier, but nope: I’m still gnawing my nails and pacing. Fortunately I have learned a few things since Mistress of Rome was first published and I nearly drove myself crazy sitting around waiting for that first review to pop up. I now know enough to keep myself away from my Amazon sales ranking (ok, almost), have another book on hand to read for distraction (thank you, Elizabeth Loupas, for publishing The Flower Reader today), and most important of all – drink lots of champagne with a husband and some dear friends who are under firm instruction to keep me away from my computer should my willpower falter.

It’s also the kickoff of my blog tour, and the lovely Vera has been kind enough to have me over to her blog “Luxury Reading” for a guest post. A sneak preview:

“Funny,” my husband commented when he read through my first draft. “Your hero Vix is a lot like me.”

Me: “No, he’s not!”

Husband: (raising an eyebrow) “So it’s a complete coincidence that both your husband and your fictional hero are left-handed and quick with a sword, have freckles and a short temper, snore like a chain-saw, can’t sit still without one foot jittering, get easily irritated with idiots, turn to putty when one particular muscle under the left shoulder blade is massaged, are in the military, and have a habit of pissing off superior officers?”

Click here to read more! Vera is also hosting a giveaway, so be sure to enter to win a free copy of Empress of the Seven Hills (titled Empress of Rome in the UK).

Blog Tour: Day 5

Day 5 of my blog tour, and the last one until after the weekend. Today I’m over at “Luxury Reading,” with a guest post on that ever-popular question “Where does your inspiration come from?” Plus their standard question – what is your ultimate luxury? My answer –

“My ultimate luxury is the glass of Yellowtail chardonnay I pour for myself after a full day of writing, as I turn on the Red Sox game and sink into a dilapidated chaise so obscenely comfortable I’ve nicknamed it the Sybaritic Chair. A glass of wine after 6,000 words worth of new chapter, as I watch Big Papi swagger up to the plate with the game on the line . . . ahhh.”

Click here to read more! They’re also posting a giveaway, so be sure to enter for a free copy of Daughters of Rome.