the oracle glass

Teaser Tuesday

I thought I’d try something new here on Ave Historia. Every Tuesday I’ll post a teaser from whatever historical fiction novel I’m currently reading – and follow up with a review on Friday. For this week, enjoy a snippet from an old favorite of mine – a book that is my literary equivalent of comfort food.

“Tell me – you asked a question, now I get one,” she said. “You speak so well, you must come from a good family. Why are you here alone? What makes you want to suffer pain and dishonor to join a world you know nothing about? You could be reading to your old father, or embroidering in one of those comfortable convents for rich girls . . .”

“Revenge,” I said. “There is a man I hate. She has promised to make me strong enough to destroy him.”

“Only one?” observed La Trianon. “My, you are young.”

— From The Oragle Glass by Judith Merkle Riley. Throw a crippled and intelligent young girl with a talent for fortunetelling into the snake pit of the Sun King’s court, add an outrageous con job and a dash of black magic, garnish with real historical figures like Louix XIV and his various mistresses, dust with arsenic and stir to a boil . . .

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