Happy Launch Day to THE ALICE NETWORK!

Release day for a new book always feels a bit like a shuttle launch: an exciting if scary jump for the stars. Today The Alice Network comes to bookstores, libraries, and stores nationwide, and I can’t wait to share it with you. This is my seventh solo novel, and it was in many ways a leap into space: my first historical novel set in the 20th century, my first dual timeline, my first book with a brand-new publisher…also the first thing I wrote after a devastating house fire where I was still in many ways putting my life back together.

When I began The Alice Network I was living in a rented apartment a few miles down from the pile of ashes that was my house, and counting myself very lucky: I had my husband, my dog, and my life, and was incredibly grateful for all three. But I was also waiting to see if my research library would survive the smoke and water damage (about 80% did, thank goodness!) and trying desperately not to be self-conscious about the new burn scars on my arm which I was convinced were much more noticeable than they actually were. It was a scary time to be launching into a new book, a new historical era, and a new phase of research. But reading and writing about the tough-as-nails women who lived, spied, and sometimes died in the Alice Network in World War I was tonic to the soul: these ladies took courage, endurance, and inspiration to a whole new level. I was thrilled to spend time with them on the page…and I hope you will enjoy their story.

Order The Alice Network today on Amazon, Barnes & NobleiTunes, or at your local bookstore! Available in audio, e-book, and paperback.