A Sneak Peek!

The Lion and the Rose will be released in less than two months on January 7th, and I’ve included a New Year’s treat. Tucked in the back will be a teaser chapter from the forthcoming sequel to Empress of the Seven Hills. Not just any chapter, either. Lots of readers have asked me the following questions: “Will Vix ever go home to Britannia?” and “Will we ever see Arius and Thea from Mistress of Rome?”

Yes, and yes. That’s the scene tucked into the back of The Lion and the Rose. And for you now, a snippet from Vix’s eyes when he goes back to Britannia for the first time in nearly twenty years. Partly to help build a certain wall in the north, but partly to see his family:

My feet were soundless on the grass as I approached the garden, but the man whipped about before I got a step further, one gnarled hand dropping his trowel and drawing the dagger at his waist instead. He was up in a crouch and ready to face me in an eyeblink, and his shoulders were bent and his hair entirely gray, but that crisp secutor stance could have graced any arena in Rome. And had.

“You haven’t gotten slow with age,” I told my father. “But you still can’t garden worth a tribune’s arse.” 

The rest of the scene awaits you at the back of The Lion and the Rose. Hope you enjoy!