Giveaway! Free Story For All “Alice Network” Pre-Orderers

If you pre-ordered The Alice Network, I have a present for you.

In between my bigger projects, I write short stories. They’re fun, they’re good writing exercises (I like to prove to myself See, you can write shorter than 150,000 words!) and they’re a way to dip my toe into historical eras I love but in which I can’t yet commit the time of writing anything full-length. Most of these stories sit unread on my hard drive…until now.

The Tumbril is a story I wrote during a passionate historical love affair with all things French Revolution. It’s a period of history I still adore, and I always wondered what to do the story I wrote set during the Reign of Terror. Now I know: I’m giving it away as a thank-you to anyone who pre-orders The Alice Network. Different time periods to be sure, but both are set in France during periods of dark historic turmoil.

If you have pre-ordered The Alice Network you are entitled to receive a free emailed copy of The Tumbril. Doesn’t matter if you pre-ordered already, or if you pre-order today, tomorrow, or at any point up through June 5. Just click here and enter your order number or a photo of your receipt.  Easy-peasy…and I hope you enjoy both TAN and your bonus story!


Paris, 1793.

The height of the Reign of Terror.

Six strangers meet in a tumbril cart rumbling through the city of light,

a journey destined to end at the guillotine…

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