Guest Blog: Historical Women Have Hobbies, Too

Guest blogging at one of my favorite book blogs today: Enchanted By Josephine! Today’s topic?

“I’m a firm believer that no woman should be all about her love life. Women in the real world who think and talk about nothing but who they’re dating are crashing bores–and so are the women in novels who have not a thought in their fictional heads but who they are to marry. But it can be a dilemma in historical fiction: if you are writing about historical women, usually well-born or moneyed ones, then quite often their only job in life really was to get married.”

Come on, ladies, just because you live in an era when getting married is your job doesn’t mean you can’t have other interests! And if you’re in one of my books, rest assured I will give you other interests.

To read the rest of the post (and enter the giveaway for a free copy of Empress of the Seven Hills), click here! And thanks again to Lucy for having me on Enchanted By Josephine!