Mass Market Mistress, Festival Trivia, and More

All kinds of things to celebrate today. For one, the release of the mass-market edition of Mistress of Rome – yay! If you like your paperbacks smaller and less expensive, but still with a cool cover, this is the edition for you.

Second on the list to celebrate is the stunning success of the Baltimore Book Festival, where I had a blast in the Maryland Romance Writers tent discussing everything from the perils of research to the new trend toward sexing up historical fiction to what kind of underwear Regency-era men wore (that answer might surprise you). For my own personal highlight, who can choose? Sitting down with good friends Stephanie Dray and Sophie Perinot to talk sex scenes in historical novels? Hearing Miranda Neville read a side-splitting passage on 18th century pornography in her classic English drawl? Watching my wonderful husband dress up as a gladiator to promote my books, strutting around in his tunic and sword-belt between swooning housewives shouting “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”
The gladiator and I have our third wedding anniversary today, which is something else to celebrate. My anniversary present? We spent a night out in D.C. attending “Don Giovanni,” but the real present is the hour he’s spending on the phone right now, untangling the electric bill with The Automated Phone Tree From Hell, so that I have the time to finish my line-edits and this blog post. And that, along with the willingness to dress up like a gladiator for my author events, is what I call love.