Some Love For “Mistress of Rome”

My blog tour for “Daughters of Rome” is now pretty much done, but I couldn’t resist jumping at the chance when Siobhan over at the Owl Bookmark Blog contacted me about doing a Q&A for my first book, “Mistress of Rome.” Do books feel left out when a sibling gets all the attention, like kids who get hurt feelings when the new baby has all the love? Whatever; I was happy to let “Mistress of Rome” get the love for today.

A preview . . .

“If you could only describe a single scene to encourage someone to read your debut novel, which scene would you describe?”

The scene where Arius and Thea meet, fairly early in the book. He’s a violent man forced into the gladiator business; she is a damaged slave girl with a black sense of humor, and they meet at a party where he’s fleeing the curious guests and she’s escaping her abusive mistress. They end up sitting in the shadows together, sharing a jug of wine and trading the secrets of their past, just like modern strangers who drink scotch in bars and end up telling all their problems to the person on the next stool.

To read the rest, and Siobhan’s fantasic review, click here! And thanks for having me.